About The Shea Group

Serving Arizona’s Business Leaders since 2005

About Us

For nearly 20 years, the Shea Group has served as a trusted forum for business leaders in the Phoenix area. The group formed in 2005 when a small group began meeting regularly to develop stronger professional relationships. 

Over the years, the Shea Group solidified its foundation upon three key pillars: relationships, professional development, and community involvement. These pillars represent the heart of the group’s mission, guiding its activities and interactions. The emphasis on relationships has fostered an environment where members feel genuinely supported, both professionally and personally.

Today, the Shea Group stands as a testament to the power of intentional relationship-building. It has cultivated a vibrant community within the greater Phoenix area, characterized by enduring friendships and professional alliances. Members who have retired, relocated, or otherwise disengaged from active participation are always welcomed back with open arms, underscoring the lasting bonds formed through the group.

As the Shea Group looks to the future, it remains dedicated to its founding principles while also embracing the potential for growth and adaptation. The group’s history is not just a record of meetings and memberships, but a narrative of meaningful connections and shared journeys. It serves as a beacon for leaders seeking a community where trust, development, and service are not just ideals but lived experiences.

“The opportunity to collaborate with Shea Group members and share hard lessons learned is invaluable. It’s simply fun and rewarding to brainstorm with a diverse group of accomplished professionals and share ideas.” 

Bill Goodwin, Shea Group member since 2018


What’s it like to be part of the Shea Group?

The group meets every other week and programming includes guest speakers, educational presentations and roundtable discussions around topics impacting the business community.  We encourage open conversation,  thought provoking topics and a diversity of opinions to create an open learning environment.   


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