Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About The Shea Group
What is the Shea Group?

The Shea Group is a trusted forum for business leaders in the Phoenix area.

What is the focus and mission of the Shea Group?

The group solidified its foundation upon three key pillars: relationships, professional development, and community involvement.

When was the Shea Group founded?

The group formed in 2005 when a small number of people began meeting regularly to develop stronger professional relationships.

How many members are in the Shea Group?

The total number of members vary throughout each year, but usually averages between 26 – 30.

Who are the Shea Group members?

Members hail from a variety of business sectors, professional disciplines, backgrounds and ethnicities.

Can anyone join the Shea Group?

Prospective members must be referred by a current Shea Group member.

How can I join the Shea Group?

There is a formal application process administered by the group’s Membership Director that includes written and oral parts. To express interest, contact your Shea Group member sponsor.  

Are there membership fees to join the Shea Group?

Membership dues are $100 annually and are collected in January. This fee is prorated monthly for new members.

How often does the Shea Group meet and where?

The Group meets every other Friday at various conference rooms in Scottsdale and provides a Zoom option for those who can’t attend in-person.

Does the Shea Group have social activities?

Yes, dues are used to hold quarterly Shea Group sponsored social events.

Does the Shea Group have an attendance policy?

Members are asked to participate in a minimum of 50% of the meetings and prioritize in-person attendance when possible.

What type of speakers does the Shea Group have?

The group invites respected business leaders that are experts in the areas of focus for the organization. Past speakers have included Neil Giuliano, President and CEO, Greater Phoenix Leadership; Dr. Sybil Francis, President, Arizona State University Foundation; Jackie Mattox, President and CEO, Women in Electronics, and many other inspirational and respected professionals. 

How is the Shea Group involved in the community?

The group emphasizes intentional relationship building as a key component of its community involvement. Whether it’s supporting a member in a personal or professional endeavor or volunteering time to an important cause, the group seeks to build enduring friendships and professional alliances.

Shea Group has broadened my horizons by learning about impactful topics and increasing my network of business leaders and friends.”

Joan Saunders, Shea Group member since 2015