Focus Areas

Focusing on areas that impact ARIZONA and our business community 

Shea Group programming focuses on these key topics.  During our bi-weekly sessions, we host guest speakers who bring their subject matter expertise, leading lively presentations and roundtable discussions.

Issues Facing Arizona

Local issues impact the business community and our members. By keeping informed about these issues, the Shea Group has an opportunity to help shape the future through local action. Economic growth, managing the impact of climate change, workforce development, and continuous improvements in healthcare are vital to keeping Arizona a place where we want to live and work.

Community Involvement

Shea Group members volunteer hundreds of hours each year to many causes including sustainability, animal welfare, startup coaching, and mentoring students. When someone asks for the Shea Group to help with a large project, the members eagerly respond. This community engagement gives us the opportunity to give back to local organizations.

Leadership Development

Brand development, team building, and communication techniques/technologies are important to all organizations including the Shea Group. Continuing education on these topics builds our expertise in these areas. Socializing and team building with the group allows us to practice what we have learned.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has begun to dominate our conversations and additional AI options are emerging: large language as well as domain-specific models.  The Shea Group seeks to educate ourselves on the ever-changing AI industry players, pitfalls, various use cases and how best to apply these to the business landscape.

As a founding member of the Shea Group I’ve benefited from long-term relationships and a deep sense of comradery with other members. We stay up-to-date on each other’s lives and business ventures, lift each other up and stay curious about the world around us.

Carl Nablo, Shea Group member since 2005


What’s it like to be part of Shea Group?

The group meets every other week and programming includes guest speakers, educational presentations and roundtable discussions around topics impacting the business community.  We encourage open conversation,  thought provoking topics and a diversity of opinions to create an open learning environment.   

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